Hiring an SEO – Tips You Need To Know


With a quick online search, you will most probably come across hundreds of SEO companies. Competition is tough in the field, but there are many very low profile companies out there too which are only after your money without delivering results. You need to know how to hire a SEO company that is truly trustworthy, reputable and experienced. So check out below the most important tips on how to hire a good SEO company for your strategy.

Experience matters– for how many years has the company been present on the market? You should hire the services of a SEO company with at least 5 years of experience in the field. Remember to ask the experts to show you some proof of their work they performed for other clients. The more important the names of their past clients, the higher the reputation and the more expensive the services.

What is their SEO strategy?

Know about their strategies– after a quick analysis of your business profile, the SEO consultant should be able to offer you a few quick ideas on what they will implement for your ranking to increase. If the consultant has no idea what to suggest, or you notice that he isn’t really well acquainted with some of the top trending strategies. it is time to look elsewhere for a specialist. The best experts in the field can talk about strategies for at least half an hour, by only knowing the industry/niche of your business.

About the guaranteed results– The greatest majority of companies will advertise they will put your business on top of the list in search engine rankings. Well, this is impossible, so don’t let yourself fooled by such misleading marketing strategies. They can help you increase your visitors, reputation and visibility, but no one can actually guarantee your link will pop up on the 1st page in the ranking list. There is a lot of work to do, many hours of assiduous strategy implementation, and this time and effort costs money. So be careful with such false statements.

Do they get local results?

SEO processLocal search results– if you own a small brick and mortar business, than local search strategy implementation is very important for you. Ask the consultant if he has any experience with such strategies, and how can he help you achieve the reputation or ‘visibility’ you need offline and online. If you search for digital marketing companies on Google, take a  look at the maps results like this map listing to find proof that the agency as the capability to appear in the local maps as well.

Communication is key– when you hire a SEO consultant, they should stay in constant contact with you until the strategy implementation or campaign is done. If the expert refuses to communicate every single change performed, or refuse to maintain communication all throughout, you probably need to find another expert.

Read the SEO contract carefully

Discuss the contract details– an SEO company should provide good strategy implementation that should be a continuous process. This means you will have your SEO specialist working regularly on your project, refreshing content, adding new keywords, feeds, changes in website coding to optimise, etc. So you should discuss clearly the terms and conditions of your contract, before you actually sign it.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that research is important. Don’t sign with the first company that pops in front of your eyes. Read reviews, ask around from friends and business partners, and read the detailed information of the webpage of each candidate. Only this way will you be able to find a company that is indeed reliable, trustworthy and capable of delivering good results.