Mount Buller – Victoria’s Most Popular Skiing Destination

Resorts in Mount Buller

Mt Bulla is home to three ski resorts within the Three Valleys system in Victoria. It was built up in 1992 for the Olympics. Since then it has remained a popular place for off piste skiing and snowboarding. This city sits at the edge of Meribel and Courchevel giving you access to 130km of cross country tracks as well as 2500 hectares of groomed pistes. If you want to challenge yourself you can go beyond the 293 marked runs and take a roller coaster down the forest with off piste skiing and snowboarding.

Skiing down the slopes of Mount Bulla

Ski chaletWhen you hire a guide you will be taken on the best unmarked trails on the mountain. You can challenge yourself in a safe manner to navigate down the backside of the mountains. While it is a small village there are three main trails which are marked based on color. The colors have a direct correlation to skill level. They do not cater to highly advanced skills but off piste guides do. With these guides you can get away from the three beginner and intermediate level courses and take in the open terrain offered at the back of the two mountains. You can travel down ungroomed paths that are covered in fresh powder snow untouched by other boarders. With a professional guide you can find your way to some of the most well kept spots on the mountains as well as secret paths through the forest that are challenging and invigorating. These guides can provide you with access to restricted areas that are outside of the village parameters up either of the mountain.

During the summer you can hire a guide to take you to secluded mountain side spots wherein you can hike and mountain bike all day and then break for meals.

Mt Bulla is a Victorian ski valley well known for its eleven major resorts. There are two glacier areas with over one hundred and sixty lifts in Mt Bulla making it one of the largest ski areas in the world. When you visit Mt Bulla you can enjoy off piste skiing and snowboarding as well as snow hikes. During the summer months you can challenge yourself on the same secluded tracks with mountaineering. When you hire a ski Victoria guide you can get around quickly and do all of the things you want to do without wasting any time.

Slalom Skiing in Mount Buller

When you hire a guide you will be taken to the best slopes where you can ski all day and enjoy your meals at great lunch spots. Off piste skiing takes you beyond any of the Mount Buller accommodation resorts and to the backside of the mountains behind the city where you can ski and board on fresh powder snow that is ungroomed. You can race through virgin terrain on natural paths that are off limits to regular tourists. A guide will show you the best off piste skiing while also teaching you new tricks. When you hire a guide you will be taken away from crowded slopes and transported to a tranquil and thrilling setting where an experienced border or skier will truly shine. You can hire guides to take you on a snow tour where you walk up the side of the mountain to the finest off piste in the village. You can select two day tours wherein you get one night on top of the peak in a mountain hut. With a highly qualified guide you can get the training you need before heading off piste.

With a guide you can head along the same natural paths during the summer months and test your mountaineering skills with biking and walking in a safe and secure manner through areas that are far from the hub of the city.